Carbon Copy: Celebrating The Power Of Local Action

Carbon Copy is a national charity that accelerates local level climate action to address the biodiversity and climate crises. In the face of a crisis of this magnitude, it’s tempting to look for solutions of a similar scale. There’s a certain logic to the notion that global crises require global answers. So, why are we looking locally for the answers?

Local action to get us to the next level. For many nations, including the UK, the next phase of decarbonisation can only be achieved by changing our previously normal way of life. Out of necessity, this new phase will be more devolved and democratic, as local communities and local government will play a bigger role in what we do next. Carbon Copy helps you see what’s happening in your area, providing access to a comprehensive, dynamic listing of the Climate Action Plans published by the 380 local authorities that cover the UK – many produced in consultation with local communities – as well as the current emission levels in each area. We not only seek to put more people in touch with their local action plan but also to celebrate the ambition and leadership of those involved.

Local action for fairer change. The fundamental shift to a cleaner, greener lifestyle and regenerative economy will only take root if it’s fair – because people will only get on board if it makes social sense. Simply put, greater fairness comes from involving more people in the changes; from strengthening communities’ own abilities to have control, influence and agency over the things that matter most to them. Over 1000 inspiring people have already shared their climate action stories on Carbon Copy, demonstrating how they are innovating and finding exciting solutions by working together.

Local action to adapt to a climate changed world. Addressing the climate crisis involves not only reducing our greenhouse gas emissions but also adapting to the unavoidable consequences of climate change. Although there is some overlap between the two, adaptation is more about how we adapt as a society and change the way we live. This collective response is intensely local because the impact of climate change is different in different places. Making these adjustments, and the role we play where we live, is brought vividly to life by some of the guests in Carbon Copy’s latest podcast series, Copy This.

Local action to feel hope. Around 8 in 10 people in the UK, according to ONS survey findings, have already made at least one environmentally friendly adaptation to their lifestyle. Increasingly, people are willing to do something more, together, that will have a greater impact. Countless people tell us how uplifting and inspiring it is to read or listen to the climate action stories shared on Carbon Copy and see the bigger difference we can make around us. This ‘can do’ attitude is infectious and many of these success stories are being copied by groups elsewhere. Flagship events like Running Out of Time bring home the awesome power of taking steps together and encourage more of us to join in.

An effective response to something as complex as climate change must operate across a number of levels. These layers of action – international, national and individual – are broadly understood and accepted. What’s often missing from policy discussions about climate change is the role of local action. And yet, decisions negotiated and agreed collectively at a local level have an inherent legitimacy, as people have played a greater role in shaping them than at national or international levels. As a charity, Carbon Copy champions this community-powered response and mending these broken links. Local action is crucial, not despite the scale of the biodiversity and climate crises, but because of it.


What’s happening in your area

1000 inspiring people

Copy This

Running Out of Time


ONS survey data source

Last updated: July 25, 2022



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