Energy Smart Communities

Bringing Energy Smart Communities to Life

We are bringing local energy groups and industry together to develop Energy Smart Communities, enabling infrastructure development to leave a lasting legacy which builds more resilient communities for the future.

Energy Smart Communities looks at  innovative ways to develop community energy projects, raises awareness and provides support for those in fuel poverty and improves knowledge and skills in sustainable living through educational programmes with partners.

We worked with UK Power Networks on the community engagement for its Leicester Square Electricity Infrastructure Upgrade Project and have now brought local energy group Energy Garden into the mix. 

Through community engagement work, we developed relationships with members of the local business community around Leicester Square, and brought UK Power Networks and Energy Garden together to explore the potential for solar, run fuel poverty work with those who live and work in the area, and launch a Youth Training Scheme for disadvantaged 16-19 year olds in the neighbourhood.  

Our work continues as we find more ways to bring local energy groups and industry together through our Energy Smart Communities campaign.

For more information about Energy Smart Communities please contact: