Ferry Farm Community Solar bond offer raises £550,000 in 48 hours!

The CfR-managed community solar enterprise (Selsey, West Sussex) has provided over £135,000 to local community organisations since 2017 and has played a key role supporting the community’s response to Covid-19 epidemic. This has included supplying laptops to schools in the local area to enable remote learning, funding the work of the local Foodbank for a year, establishing a hardship fund and delivering meals to those isolating and shielding. Over the solar farm’s lifetime of 25 years, it is expected to generate up to £2 million of community funding.

The £850,000 bond offer will complete the long-term financing of the 5MW solar array.

To find out more go to: https://lnkd.in/g8m8JYQ https://www.triodoscrowdfunding.co.uk/invest/ferry-farm-community-solar