Test Valley Community Energy Launches


More than 80 people from communities from across the Test Valley attended the launch of the Test Valley Community Energy programme, which took place at Stockbridge Town Hall on 13th June.

CES will be partnering with newly formed community energy group Dragonfly Power to deliver a two year community energy programme which aims to kick start community led climate action and decarbonisation in the borough.

We heard from Graham Smith, Head of Planning Policy and Economic Development, about why Test Valley Borough Council has decided to support community energy. CES CEO Ollie Pendered also gave a background on community energy and what it involves. Finally. Dragonfly Power spoke about how they will be leading on the development of community-owned renewable energy projects in the Test Valley.

The programme involves developing a pipeline of community owned solar projects, developing a network of trained energy champions who can deliver free home energy advice across the borough and helping community buildings to save costs and energy.

Dragonfly Power are looking to expand their volunteer base to help them deliver these projects and are also on the look out for suitable buildings to partner with them in the development of rooftop solar PV projects.

Graham Smith, Head of Planning Policy and Economic Development, said:

“The launch event was a big success, and it was brilliant to see so many people showing interest in the project. As a council, we’re keen to help communities and organisations in the borough do their bit to tackle climate change, and this work with Community Energy South and Dragonfly Power is evidence of that. We are looking forward to working with them to deliver on the council’s commitment to tackle the climate emergency/to help cut carbon emissions in our borough.”

Ollie Pendered CEO of CES said:

“It was great to see the launch of community energy in the test valley programme was so well attended, and people locally so engaged on this project. We look forward to working with the team at test valley borough council and with dragonfly power community energy to build energy resilience and support net zero targets across the region.”

For further information, please contact testvalley@communityenergysouth.org or enquiries@dragonflypower.org.uk