The Role of Climate Hubs in Building Resilience and Community

In the face of the escalating climate crisis, communities are stepping up to address the challenges head-on. One powerful model emerging in this collective effort is the creation of Climate Hubs. These Hubs are vital centres for providing support, resources, and education on climate welfare, while also promoting local initiatives that foster greener, more sustainable communities. Moreover, they collaborate closely with community energy groups to advance net-zero initiatives, playing a pivotal role in the transition to a low carbon future.


Lewes Climate Hub

Approaching its first anniversary, the Lewes Climate Hub has had a significant impact on the local community. Over the past year, they have attracted over 3,000 visitors and signed up almost 2,000 subscribers to its monthly newsletter. Overseeing this success is Juliet Oxborrow, one of the many directors of the Lewes Climate Hub, who attributes their achievements to a multifaceted approach.

Central to the Hub’s operations is that it connects approximately 35 local partners & groups. By leveraging the expertise within these partnerships, the hub holds themed sessions, ranging from “Cleaning up our water” to “A sustainable food season”. The Hub’s goal is to expand the spectrum of actions from things people can do at home and at work to campaigning for action by government and changes in national and international legislation.

Located in the centre of town, the Climate Hub is a warm and welcoming space. The group are keen to welcome everyone and ensure they are inclusive and accessible.  They promote practical actions that local people can take by running interactive workshops and hosting celebratory events to inspire collective action.

Green & Cleaner Community Hub – Bromley

Similarly, the Green & Cleaner Community Hub in Bromley has embraced a people-centred approach since its launch in March 2022. The group welcomes 30-40  visitors daily & around 1000 visitors a month, the space has become a bustling Hub of sustainability initiatives, underpinned by its goal of engaging with people’s personal concerns.

Parisa Wight, operates as both its Founder & Chief Vision & Partnerships Officer. With her leadership, the Hub operates five days a week, offering invaluable peer-to-peer advice. This advice is complemented by regular skills workshops and community events. In a conscious effort to broaden its appeal, the Hub members frame its activities around themes like cost-saving, community building, and mental and physical health. Messages about climate change can be overwhelming and offputting for people who have more immediate physical concerns in their lives.

Green & Cleaner is committed to addressing systemic challenges faced by climate Hubs nationwide, such as diversity and inclusion, volunteer management, and funding diversification. By actively sharing their learnings and best practices, they aim to create a blueprint for sustainable hubs across the UK.

One especially impressive element of their work is their behavioural science research collaboration with Imperial College London and others to maximise the impact of their work. Learn more.

Learn more about the Green and Cleaner hub:


Pioneering a Sustainable Future

Climate Hubs like Lewes Climate Hub and Green & Cleaner Community Hub set great examples of how local people can take action and build local resilience in  the face of our changing climate. By providing accessible resources, fostering community engagement, and championing inclusive approaches, these Hubs inspire broader societal transformation towards a greener, more sustainable future.  We look forward to seeing these Hubs mushroom across more UK communities.