Tollesbury Climate Partnership Announces Share Offer

Tollesbury Climate Partnership (TCP) has gone from first founding the group, to the first share offer emerging from our Essex Pathways programme – all in just 18 months.


Tollesbury Primary School is looking to raise a minimum of £200,000 by 21st April 2023 for its decarbonisation project which aims to reduce the school’s carbon emissions by 90%, saving it £14,000 per year on energy bills, rising to £38,000 after 10 years.

Part of the plans include replacing the existing oil boiler with a Ground Source Heat Pump. The school will be one of the first in the area to have this.

Through TCP, individuals and businesses are able to invest between £100 and £20,000 into the initiative. The energy cost savings from the school will be transferred back to TCP and used to repay the capital investment. Investors can anticipate a modest return with the potential for their investment to qualify for tax relief.

Find out more about the community share offer, or to pledge support here.

Mark Howland, Director at TCP, says: “TCP is extremely proud to be spearheading the community share offer, which is an investment model that can be used not only to transform public sector buildings across the UK but to bring people together to protect the future of our planet, and local primary school. The project is very much dependent on TCP raising £200,000.

“We are in a climate emergency. From extreme weather conditions to increased carbon emissions, we need to act now and we can start with Tollesbury Primary School.”

Essex County Council aims for the region to become carbon net zero by 2030 and, through a mix of grant funding from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and the TCP share offer, the school will be able to improve the fabric of its building to reduce the energy requirement and therefore carbon footprint. Some of the work it hopes to carry out includes:

  • Replacing all windows with double glazing which will save 64MWh of energy per year

  • Adding loft insulation which will save 33MWh of energy per year

  • Cavity walls will be filled with the latest insulating material which will save 9MWh of energy per year

  • LED lighting will be added throughout the school saving 5MWh of energy per year

  • A modern ground source heat pump will be connected to the existing radiator network. The school will be one of the first in the area to have this.

  • A 68kW solar PV array will be added to generate electricity for the ground source heat pump.

Kate Garnett, Headteacher at Tollesbury Primary School, says: “This is an incredible opportunity for Tollesbury Primary School. Not only will it put us on the map for making history across the UK but it is a way for us to invest back into the education of our children who have been at the heart of the school for over 100 years. The money reclaimed through energy savings will go towards additional learning resources once the school has paid back the TCP share offer.

“As a local authority run school, we don’t always have access to the funds we need and with the rising cost of living, we need to cut back where we can whilst also taking environmental responsibility and protecting the future of the next generation.

“We really need the support of potential investors and the UK public in spreading the message and supporting us on our decarbonisation journey.”

During the works, Tollesbury Primary School will be bringing its pupils’ curriculum to life and involving the students in its sustainable plans by allowing them to monitor energy usage, watch the modifications from start to finish and gain an education on how to live more environmentally aware to reduce the impact of climate change. All investors will also receive regular updates on the works through newsletters.

Find out more about the community share offer, or to pledge support here.