Hugely successful energy efficiency fair hosted by OVESCO

The first ever Eco Home Extravaganza in Lewes was run by Ovesco on 18th May at Lewes Town Hall. The hugely successful energy efficiency fair was organised to advise local residents on the right retrofit approach for their homes.

Absolutely brilliant! I got lots of really useful information.

22 local organisations attended including companies fitting heat pumps, solar PV panels, home batteries and insulation. Almost 300 homeowners came through the door, lingering sometimes for hours to talk about their plans of making their homes more energy efficient.

Great to talk to real experts.

Our event enabled conversations between homeowners and installers in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.

I got information that I didn’t even know I needed!

It busted a lot of myths.

Why do we need to do this?

To keep up with our carbon targets for Lewes District, we need to be installing at least 3,000 electric heat pumps per year and more to make our 42,000 homes in the District carbon efficient as well as fit solar PV panels to power our homes and cars from the sun.

In addition, homeowners need to be supported to find the right ways of making their homes more energy efficient by fitting insulation and upgrading their windows to double glazing.

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This event was organised by OVESCO and funded by Community Energy South as part of the CommuniPower project.

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by Nicki Myers from OVESCO